8 juin 1964 – John writes home to his mother, Amabilis

jean to amabilis 8jun64_Page_1a

My father knew when he left Quebec in April 1964 that he would never see his father, Delphis, again. He didn’t expect Delphis to die this soon when he wrote this letter to his mother and family back in Sainte Croix.

You can read the letter in French and its English translation by clicking on this link.

“Everyone lives to hope. When there is no hope the desire to live is pretty much done.” John Bedard, 8 juin 1964, Orange, California

ste croix john and therese

Beyond flailing to find a travel agent on a Sunday morning for a last minute roundtrip ticket to Montreal, there was little he could do. It was economically impractical, and probably thus impossible.

John dreamt in 1964. He had big plans – a three bedroom house, a swimming pool, and Catholic school for Pierre. But to get there, he struggled, working at the ultimate Al Bundy job, selling shoes at the Broadway department store on Euclid Avenue. Working at the MCP juice factory with Uncle Roland. 


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