“In order to assist new boys to adjust to life here . . .”

Note: This post was first put up back in 2012

Click here to see a pdf of the St. John’s welcome packet for the 1973 / 1974 school year.

wiens bedards 2016John, Marc, and Pierre Bedard with Frank Wiens, June 1974. For $1,300, no small sum, I set off to Selkirk, Manitoba from Vientiane, Laos in 1973.
In this picture, I can’t believe I survived my first year. My Dad, after visiting the school, can’t believe I wanted to come back for my second year. Frank can’t believe I just had him confirm, in front of my Dad, our agreement.
Frank, after some beers at the school Open House on June 1st, agreed to let me go pick grapes in the Beaujolais region of France for vendange in September. He also agreed to let me graduate by letting me take all the Grade 12 curricula as a Grade 11, without any of the Grade 12 privileges.
I didn’t really care about the privileges, I just wanted to get out as fast as possible.I’ve cut many deals in my career, but this was probably my best. How he agreed, I will never know, but once Frank said “Yes” in front of my Dad, there was no going back.
One year later, I was on my way to UC San Diego.Marc, my brother, who attended the school a few years later, has no clue about what is in store for him.


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  1. Mike Martyn says:

    Pierre, reading your “welcome” package, I could actually smell the inside of the old stone building! Creepy!

    My parents couldn’t believe I wanted to come back either. By October I couldn’t believe I’d wanted to!

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