The sordid truth about Father Turney

We all know the Father Turney Road that runs behind the school. The Father Turney was always a good milestone. On one side was the school, on the other beyond. But do you really know this Father Turney, who this Anglican priest really was?

The school’s chaplain passed away in 1962. According to an old boy from that time period:

“[Father Turney] . . . was a real character and he made the Winnipeg Free Press in several occasions. The picture I recall is of an elderly priest in a black cassock wailing away with his umbrella on the hood of some hapless motorist . . . He believed that pedestrians should ever and always have the right of way over mere automobiles and woe betide any errant motorist that crossed his path. Red light or green light, crosswalk or middle of the street, it didn’t matter to Father Turney.”

Click here to read his obit.


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