The Byfield Bugle, Volume I, Number 1

Here’s another great link to a document discovered in the dark recesses of the Stone Building in Selkirk. Don’t ask me how I got a hold of this. I bartered some old lampwick and a dropcloth I had kept hidden in a moldy duffle bag.

Mike Maunder is the Associate Editor, and most likely wrote (and typed) most of this while Byfield published it under his banner. This may have foreshadowed things to come, given Mike’s recognized work as a reporter. Click here or on the picture to get to this very entertaining five-page pdf.

I haven’t been able to date this, but it must be pre-1962, since it makes mention of “Father Tourney (sic)” and he passed that year.

All in all this is a very nice piece of work, considering that it was likely typed up on the IBM Selectric in the Stone Building office in the off hours after study. There was little to no opportunity for editing. The original I procured smells of musty turpentine and lemon gin. Who knows what other documents might be lurking out there? I memorialize it on for posterity.


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3 Responses to The Byfield Bugle, Volume I, Number 1

  1. Mike Martyn says:

    It dates from the fall of 1961. You will note that The Byfield Bugle is “published by the Department of Information” which was “created” by the “Government” of the day. I was Minister of Public Works in the Maunder government which later that year went down to defeat following a non confidence motion and thus ended my political career. There I was a washed up 1o year old politician!

    As for the typewriter, listen youngster, IBM selectrics didn’t exist in 1961. An Underwood manual typewriter was state of the art!

    I have an original of this document and it smells of the old stone building and moldy faded key hole life preservers!

    • Pierre Bedard says:

      I know I had retrieved it from some godforsaken old boy! Thanks for helping identify its lineage. BTW, the venerable IBM Selectric was born in 1961.

  2. Doug says:

    Though such a state of the art machine would be hard to imagine, in the year of it’s debut, at St. John’s the same year….

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