Big Basin – campsite #156

This year was the summer of camping. As a follow-up to our Yosemite Trips, we decided to go to Big Basin State Park. Big Basin camping up in the Santa Cruz mountains is a great quick getaway from the Silicon Valley, about an hour’s drive up into the Santa Cruz mountains.

The hiking was just challenging enough for us and we slept well. There was no Verizon, no data, no voice. The weather was second to none and the trees, just striking in their magnificence.

Sequoia Redwoods live an average of 1,500 years. We are mere gnats compared to them, living into our 90’s if we are lucky (or not).

I took some of the shots from inside the burnt out center of living redwood. Fire is a reality in a redwood’s life. There were so many stands of redwood, younger trees growing in a circle around their dying parent (or parents). 

Caroline chose an amazing campsite. We only had one neighbor, which is always one neighbor too many, but this didn’t keep me from snoring away and decompressing. By the time we were packing up, I let everything about work go, ready for the windy drive down Highway 9 back into the Valley.







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