From Slate: more from my favorite lawyer!

Shannon Liss-Riordan: The lawyer representing Uber drivers has represented strippers and FedEx workers.

More my favorite lawyer news. The link above has Ms. Liss-Riordan talking to Slate. Here’s some more links I’ve harvested. She’s even asked about Deflategate.

Lawsuit says Uber, Lyft drivers are employees

Tom Brady will have tough time beating Roger Goodell in court

Paramount workers sue for nonpayment of overtime

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Wisconsin State Journal Ron Kind endorsement

I wonder who I will sit next to on my flight from SFO to Raleigh tonight? It probably won’t be Congressman Kind again. Here’s the Wisconsin State Journal‘s endorsement of Ron Kind and I think they nail it. Congressman Kind, who cut his teeth working for Senator William Proxmire (famous . . . Continue reading

My Favorite Lawyer makes the Washington Post!

Some Uber drivers say company’s promise of big pay day doesn’t match reality – The Washington Post.

Clearly, I know talent when I see it. Ms. Liss-Riordan continues to kick Uber ass, this time getting major quotage in the Washington Post. The Uber suit has legs as you can read in the article.

My feelings on Uber are mixed. I have only used UberX.

The price cannot be matched, nor can . . . Continue reading

Congressional Air – Part 2

This is a blog post I made a little over two years ago, when I sat next to Ron Kind, a Democratic Congressman on his way home to Wisconsin from Washington, DC. Read it and tell me if I saw it coming. This is the second of two parts. Continue reading

Hernani hits London West End

Extremely happy today to announce that Samuel French’s Theatre Bookshop in the West End of London has agreed to carry Hernani, by Victor Hugo, translated and adapted by Pierre Bedard. The play should hit the hopefully fly off the shelves next week, necessitating ceaseless reorders. Yeah. That’s what is going to happen.  Gwyneth will be browsing through one day and decide that she . . . Continue reading

Dear KDP Author letter – Hachette v. Amazon

Don’t worry, this isn’t an ad for Amabilis de Sainte Croix. Woke up in this morning with the following letter in my mailbox, which I’ve copied and pasted below. The battle between Hachette and Amazon, affects all of us somehow, either as readers or consumers.

Amazon changed how you publish, distribute, and sell books. They have also influenced . . . Continue reading

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