From Slate: more from my favorite lawyer!

Shannon Liss-Riordan: The lawyer representing Uber drivers has represented strippers and FedEx workers.

More my favorite lawyer news. The link above has Ms. Liss-Riordan talking to Slate. Here’s some more links I’ve harvested. She’s even asked about Deflategate.

Lawsuit says Uber, Lyft drivers are employees

Tom Brady will have tough time beating Roger Goodell in court

Paramount workers sue for nonpayment of overtime

Sometimes when your heart is in the right place, it works out for you. As good a lawyer as she is (or anyone is), there’s much to be said for luck. This lawsuit is timely and strikes a nerve and positions her as the wage and labor lawyer of our generation.

The Uber lawsuit is symptomatic of life in these here United States of Silicon Graphics, the hype around the new business model overcomes common sense. The societal impact of Uber cuts both ways. Sure, it’s more convenient for us, those who don’t drive cabs for a living. You can order transportation with a fair certainty that your ride will show up (something that the cab industry has never mastered – there’s no accountability). The taxi industry in the United States grew as smelly and toxic as the back of Baltimore cab – it asked for Uber to be . . . Click here for the full article

Tom Hanks surprises Girl Scouts (and Typewriter Shop Owner)

Screw the cookies! Stay for the typewriters!

From the story: “Hanks, accompanied by his college-age son, Truman, was in town to visit the typewriter shop, Los Altos Business Machines, at 100 State St. Truman is a freshman at Stanford University. It turns out that Hanks is a big typewriter collector. He initially went to the store to have his son’s typewriter repaired, but he ended up buying two vintage Smith-Coronas.

John Sansone, owner of the typewriter store, did not immediately recognize Hanks until he heard him speak.

“I never realized how distinctive his voice is,” he said. “It was right out of a movie.””

 via Tom Hanks surprises Girl Scouts.

Rob Ford returns to T.O. council – CBC News

I’m Quebecois – I was born to hate most things Toronto – especially the Leafs. Given all the heat the Montreal administration took last year as a result of the Charbonneau Commission, I don’t have any moral high ground against Toronto. Not only did the mayor of Montreal get indicted for corruption, but so did the interim mayor.

People have accused Rob Ford of being many things – but corrupt never seemed to percolate up to the top of his crimes against the empire – Toronto is still a cluster of unequaled proportions.  But it was a cluster organism which was able to absorb Rob Ford and dampen him out, politically neutering him.


His political life goes on. He’s still on the council, though no longer Lord Mayor.

If you look at his picture in the CBC article I link below, he looks like absolute hell. The man is suffering. Chemo has got to be extremely taxing for anyone and he . . . Click here for the full article

My Favorite Lawyer makes the Washington Post!

Some Uber drivers say company’s promise of big pay day doesn’t match reality – The Washington Post.

Clearly, I know talent when I see it. Ms. Liss-Riordan continues to kick Uber ass, this time getting major quotage in the Washington Post. The Uber suit has legs as you can read in the article.

My feelings on Uber are mixed. I have only used UberX.

The price cannot be matched, nor can the convenience. It’s as if the taxi industry forgot everything about customer service known to man, so the argument could easily be made that Uber was self-inflicted by the taxi industry upon itself. 

I’ve done about a dozen UberX rides (one in London – best price to Heathrow ever) and I’ve only had one bad ride, where the driver had no clue, didn’t pick me up where I thought he would at the airport, and took the long way home. In all cases, my drivers were immigrants from a wide swathe of countries – Ethiopia, Somalia, Croatia, Iraq, Iran, Senegal, and others. Some were fresh out of school, some middle-aged, some ex-livery drivers seeking more independence and better hours. In all but one case, they relied on income other than Uber – the driving was supplementary. Most of my drivers worked for holding companies, not for themselves.

In all cases, they seemed to . . . Click here for the full article

Congressional Air – Part 2

This is a blog post I made a little over two years ago, when I sat next to Ron Kind, a Democratic Congressman on his way home to Wisconsin from Washington, DC. Read it and tell me if I saw it coming. This is the second of two parts. Click here for the full article

Hernani hits London West End

Extremely happy today to announce that Samuel French’s Theatre Bookshop in the West End of London has agreed to carry Hernani, by Victor Hugo, translated and adapted by Pierre Bedard. The play should hit the hopefully fly off the shelves next week, necessitating ceaseless reorders. Yeah. That’s what is going to happen.  Gwyneth will be browsing through one day and decide that she should be Dona Sol. She’ll read it, talk to someone that matters, and all of a sudden you have Hernani in Love and it is playing in the west end. Yeah, that’s the ticket.





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