10 avril 1964 – Thérèse moves to California and writes home about it

You can read the letter in French and my shoddy English translation by clicking on this link.

On a bright Friday afternoon in April, probably right after lunch, my mother waited for me to come home from Kindergarten at Palmyra School.

To pass the time and to reach out to those she left in Québec, Thérèse sat down and wrote this letter in the backyard of 340 . . . Continue reading

Song to wake up to: The Battle from Rick Wakeman’s Journey to the Center of the Earth

Whenever I think of a journey I’m about to take, or your standard epic battle between epic sea monsters, like Mac v. Windows, Canadiens v. Leaf Blowers, Gore v. Bush, or Obama v. Romney, Obama v. McCain, or even Trudeau v. Harper, I think of this snippet they used to wake us up with at St. John’s.

When we paddled or snowshoed, it was without music. There were no headsets . . . Continue reading

Father Pierre-Célestin (aka Achille Therrien)

Note: The following history was taken from an Assumptionist website, featuring short biographies of some of their most notable brothers. You can access the Assumptionist link here.

You can read about Achille’s letter he wrote to his sister Emérentienne here.

First Canadian Assumptionist

Achille Therrien was born January 3, 1898, in Saint-Adrien d’Irlande, Quebec, Canada.  He received his elementary education with the Sisters . . . Continue reading

The Beaver Bus and the Phantom of the Paradise

It’s been a long week and I have a few hours to kill before getting home after seven days spent on the road, meeting, greeting, and selling concept in two different venues in the same week, running from airport to hotel to airport. I’ve known many forms of transportation in my insignificant life – Sante Fe Super Chief from Los Angeles to Chicago, CP Rail and Canadian National (CN) across . . . Continue reading

Oldie but goodie

Never get tired of this thing, especially since I’m in it! Hung out with Rob Keegan the other week. He’s the bowsman in the canoe that I’m bailing near the end of the trip. By that point, we had been out for a very cold, wet, windblown, and dark two weeks. I can’t remember being more wet, and not in a good way. After we dumped the canoe, I . . . Continue reading

Me, the University of California, and Nelson Mandela

mandelaThe world today owes a huge debt to this man and his name will resound and be remembered forever. The world in the 1970’s was a bizarre place. Some of us lived through those times.

In 1978, I was studying in Poitiers, France as part of the University of California’s Education Abroad Program . . . Continue reading

If you can read this, you’ve got it good

If you can read this article, you are probably much better off than the women and girls who sewed the underwear you are wearing (or not). I found this article and video to be very inspiring. A Toronto Star reporter, Raveena Aulakh worked in a Bangladesh sweatshop for a week. Her boss was a girl who was only nine.  Kudos to her.

I picked . . . Continue reading

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