Congressional Air – Part 2

This is a blog post I made a little over two years ago, when I sat next to Ron Kind, a Democratic Congressman on his way home to Wisconsin from Washington, DC. Read it and tell me if I saw it coming. This is the second of two parts. Continue reading

Congressional Air – Escape from Ronald Reagan National (DCA)

Congressman Ron Kind (D-WI) is a politician who keeps his hands to himself on a plane. You’ll never find him in first class, either. Read about my encounter with him in 2014. Continue reading

The Beaver Bus and the Phantom of the Paradise

It’s been a long week and I have a few hours to kill before getting home after seven days spent on the road, meeting, greeting, and selling concept in two different venues in the same week, running from airport to hotel to airport. I’ve known many forms of transportation in my insignificant life – Sante Fe Super Chief from Los Angeles to Chicago, CP Rail and Canadian National (CN) across . . . Continue reading

Acela pulling into Baltimore’s Penn Station.

Acela pulling into Baltimore’s Penn Station. A great way to end a day of business and an overnight stay in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor. A big thumbs up to the Amtrak service! Rode in the “quiet car” and thoroughly enjoyed it. Didn’t even plug into my earbuds for fear of making too much noise.

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