exclusive Tom Hanks interview

Read about the real Tom Hanks, the USGS seismologist who has written over 150 papers and thinks about earthquakes all day. 
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4 Responses to exclusive Tom Hanks interview

  1. Mary Hamilton says:

    I know this guy! Used to work right next to him. He has two daughters, one with the nickname LucyApplemumble, given to her by her older sister. Wouldn’t recognize him today. Or you, Pierre, if I hadn’t seen you recently…”THanks.”

    • Pierre Bedard says:

      Yes. Tom is my mother-in-law’s brother-in-law, if that makes sense. When I first put up that we were having lunch on facebook, I was amazed at the traffic. Poor man.

  2. Martin Denny says:

    For click-baiting shame! But had a great laugh. Thanks.

    • Pierre Bedard says:

      Click bait? I’m shocked that you would accuse me of such a horrifying thing. Having said that, I have been getting a lot of traffic . . .

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