God bless Big Red – remembering Loma Prieta


Today is a holy day, the 27th anniversary of the almost big one, the Loma Prieta quake of 1989. Had the San Francisco Giants not been playing the Oakland A’s at Candlestick Park, an untold more than 42 people would have died driving through on the Cypress Structure, a 1.6 mile double decker length of pavement, four lanes on top and four on the bottom, held up by concrete pillars which seemed to domino on that day.

This special report from the New York Times is worth the read and goes into detail. 

But this is old school – and I cried old school as I typed out this tribute, to Melissa E. Maxwell, my friend and fellow cafeteria coworker who moved on twenty-five years ago, one of forty-two souls who died on the Cypress Structure.

Click here to get to the pdf, typed on my IBM Selectric II back in 2014 or see below. Remember Loma Prieta.





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2 Responses to God bless Big Red – remembering Loma Prieta

  1. Mary says:

    I remember Melissa. She came in to the medical records department regularly at Highland Hospital, where I worked, to drop off subpoenas. I was no longer at the hospital on that day, but I was at ALCO EMS in Oakland! When I learned she was a victim I was very saddened.

  2. Quinnovate says:

    Nice, Pierre. I too remember Mel, she was good people, and I was saddened to learn of her passing. Thanks for the thoughtful memories.

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