Sr. Inspector Bedard Makes Time Magazine, 1981


Your standard $950,000 Cartier watch, or is it?

My father was very, very proud of this seizure, and rightly so. One of the highlights of his 20-year US Customs career was a series of seizures he made in 1981 of counterfeit goods (especially watches) from Asia. Documented in Time Magazine, this bust also made the CBS Evening News with Dan Rather.  I remember Dan Rather saying “C’est la vie!” after the story ran before signing off and closing the newscast.

It’s too bad that as a US Customs officer he legally couldn’t accept gifts from Cartier. You know, just a little wrist bling to lounge around wearing.  Looking at the pile of counterfeit watches being steamrolled, someone from Switzerland should have sent him a Swatch for his trouble after he retired. Just sayin’!

Read what Time magazine had to say below.




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