My one achievement at UCSD

pierre kicking 1976 digi

Triton Times, 14 January 1976, 10th Floor Tioga Hall, UCSD

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3 Responses to My one achievement at UCSD

  1. Quinnovate says:

    Yep, all by your lonesome…

  2. Nathan Meyers says:

    Wow… it’s not often I run into my old photo credits. Still remember the editor’s post-publication markup on my brilliant caption: punters do not attempt field goals. I did not end up going into journalism.

    • Pierre Bedard says:

      Your editor was full of it. It was a dropkick, which was covertible! Great hearing from you after all those years. I was actually researching some articles I wrote in my stint writing for the nascent neocon paper, the Triton Times :)).

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