The horror . . . the horror . . .

Incredible news out of China Basin. All southbound Southwest Airlines and Virgin America flights are being offloaded of black (or blue) bearded men for the requisite strip search on the way to a makeshift holding pen just north of SFO (the old bullpen at Candlestick).

Sources: SF Giants did not extend Wilson an offer | San Francisco Giants: The Splash | an blog. is yours if you promise not to go to USC

To make sure you never decide to pursue the devil’s path of a USC football career, I am offering you, Jonathan, your very own email address on the domain. Click here for the full article

Raw Inspiration – Autumn Wind by Steve Sabol

The Autumn Wind is a pirate, Blustering in from sea, With a rollocking song, he sweeps along, Swaggering boisterously.   His face is weather beaten. He wears a hooded sash, With a silver hat about his head, And a bristling black mustache.   He growls as he storms the country, A villain big and bold. And the trees all shake and quiver and quake, As he robs them of their gold.   The Autumn Wind is a raider, Pillaging just for fun. He’ll knock you ’round and upside down, And laugh when he’s conquered and won.  

Rachel Jeantel dissed by Juror Z-40

“I think she felt inadequate toward everyone because of her education and her communication skills,” said the juror, speaking about Jeantel. “I just felt sadness for her.”

Juror Z-40 is a real class act. I bet she can hold her side in a Spanish or Creole conversation. There’s a lot of people in this country who learned English as a second language. How’s that book deal going for you?

via Rachel Jeantel on attorney Don West: “I’ll hold it back … my parents taught me better” – Piers Morgan – Blogs.

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