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It’s been here all along. bedard.com. A JD, a few papers, a lot of travel, and one novel have gone by, but the content still remains, lurking since 1995.

hernani photoHernani, by Victor Hugo, was translated and adapted by Pierre Bedard. The translation has been used by a host of university drama departments studying 19th century French Theater worldwide.


Thetford Park, by John and Pierre Bedard. Buy or download a sample of John and Pierre’s novel about traveling from Halifax, Nova Scotia to Liverpool, England during World War II. This book was completed shortly before John passed away and is available exclusively through Amazon in kindle format.

Bedard’s St. John’s Cathedral Boys’ School of Manitoba Unofficial Page. Often quoted, crosslinked, and visited, Bedard’s unofficial page has some exclusive gems and content about the now defunct Canadian boarding school once located in Selkirk, Manitoba. My favorite is the 1973-74 yearbook put together by the 11th graders.

Archives. Old Photo page. See old hockey and vacation photos from before there was a MySpace and Facebook.

Tributes. Joe Cotter. Shannon Brunjes. Steve Mencacci (Kotch)


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