orange county kodachrome 1964

they came from slides . . . 

I’ve finally gotten around to scanning slides from the 1960s that my folks kept. I wish I could annotate each, but I’d rather post these then talk about them today. 

Most of these are from the first days spent in Orange County. The house still exists today on Olive Street. The picture of John, Marc, and Pierre in front of the palm tree is in front of our first lodgings on Batavia Street, near Children’s Hospital of Orange County, better known as CHOC. We grew up in CHOC’s shadow.

One of these is (arguably) the earliest picture of my brother Marc and I in Orange County. If you zoom in on the picture, the calendar on the wall says April 1964. We arrived in Orange County in early April. I will get better about life and annotations later, probably at the Resurrection.

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