Name the mallards

The mallards need names because Rose is insisting that the male be called “Szechuan.” As hard as I try, I can’t think of any names for the dirty pool ducks who have invaded our backyard. For some reason, I keep thinking that they are dirty, Trailer Park pool ducks from Nova Scotia, and I want badly to name them Cory and Trevor, but it wouldn’t be fair to either of the . . . Continue reading

Mallard Flyby and Landing

We now have two mallards infesting our pool. Check out this video. If you don’t like the soundtrack, turn off your audio.

This morning, I caught a flock of three doing a flyby. Only two landed in the pool. I can’t help but think that this has something to do with our drought conditions. Every night, right after dusk, the mallards take off and go to wherever they spend the night. They . . . Continue reading

Le Quack est back

Also see the Duck Gallery.

I was somewhat disappointed when our mallard couple left us early in the summer. So many mornings, at daybreak, I would imagine the call of one of my mallard ducks. They were amazing. Like the aircraft cruising around Los Altos on their way to SFO or OAK or SJC, the mallards knew my backyard and most importantly, my pool. At dawn, . . . Continue reading

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