Wisconsin State Journal Ron Kind endorsement

I wonder who I will sit next to on my flight from SFO to Raleigh tonight? It probably won’t be Congressman Kind again. Here’s the Wisconsin State Journal‘s endorsement of Ron Kind and I think they nail it. Congressman Kind, who cut his teeth working for Senator William Proxmire (famous . . . Continue reading

Stand down Don Cherry – Don Chapman is the new Canadian hero

Stand down Don Cherry! Don Chapman should take your mantle (and jacket) as the true Canadian hero, should he ever take the citizenship oath. Don helped me on my road to claiming what I had never lost, my Canadian citizenship. While he has almost singlehandledly championed the cause of the Lost Canadians, I know that at least once, he refused to take the oath because the legislation he had championed . . . Continue reading

Shannon Liss-Riordan is a working class hero


Disclaimer: I cannot judge if the contract in place between the woman I helped get in touch with Ms. Liss-Riordan and Jan-Pro, a janitorial service franchise company based in Florida (or one of their many agents) was fair, balanced and / or legal. I leave that to the courts to sort through the facts.

When one of the Jan-Pro “franchisees” came in to discuss her case, . . . Continue reading


Paul Roy is one of my favorite uncles, and I’m lucky to have many. He was a sapper in the Royal Canadian Army during WWII. I don’t have all his service details, but he saw his share of action. Paul got very good handling explosives in the asbestos mines of Thetford Mines. It was said he could set off a charge next to a window without breaking glass.

. . . Continue reading

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