10 avril 1964 – Thérèse moves to California and writes home about it

You can read the letter in French and my shoddy English translation by clicking on this link.

On a bright Friday afternoon in April, probably right after lunch, my mother waited for me to come home from Kindergarten at Palmyra School.

To pass the time and to reach out to those she left in Québec, Thérèse sat down and wrote this letter in the backyard of 340 . . . Continue reading

The Ship

The Thetford Park

Note: This is a chapter from the book Thetford Park, written by John and Pierre Bedard.

In the right company, most sailors will tell you that vessels have a soul and react according to how they are treated. On my run, hundreds of miles from everywhere, little stands between my crew and infinity. I am the tie that binds them to their reality.

. . . Continue reading

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