Congressional Air – Part 2

This is a blog post I made a little over two years ago, when I sat next to Ron Kind, a Democratic Congressman on his way home to Wisconsin from Washington, DC. Read it and tell me if I saw it coming. This is the second of two parts. Continue reading

Congressional Air – Escape from Ronald Reagan National (DCA)

Ever sit next to a congressman? I did flying out of the congressional nest that is Reagan National. Continue reading

Judge to Uber: don’t mess with the Liss-Riordan

Yeah. Uber and its puke minion management think they are tough, but they aren’t that tough nor that brilliant when it comes to messing with employees who they conveniently characterize as independent contractors instead of employees. That’s the gist of the class action lawsuit a judge is letting some of the drivers join. They can roll Silicon Valley cabbies, but they are not going to mess with Shannon Liss-Riordan, who remains my favorite . . . Continue reading

Shannon Liss-Riordan is a working class hero

Disclaimer: I cannot judge if the contract in place between the woman I helped get in touch with Ms. Liss-Riordan and Jan-Pro, a janitorial service franchise company based in Florida (or one of their many agents) was fair, balanced and / or legal. I leave that to the courts to sort through the facts.

When one of the Jan-Pro “franchisees” came in to discuss her case, . . . Continue reading

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