Good press for Hugo’s Hernani – kind review drives sales


Click here to read the Hernani review! 

Thanks T. M. Lennard for your kind review. To the rest of you facebook miscreants, I don’t care if you loath me or love me, but write something about it on Amazon. The world really does want to know about your experiences suffering through reading about living and working on a Canadian coal-driven bucket full of ammo from Halifax to Liverpool during the Battle of the North Atlantic. Beyond what I know is your special relationship with Thetford Park, it is transcended by your love of opera and how the faithful translation of Verdi’s inspiration for Ernani (Hugo’s Hernani) was used by the British National Opera.

Vote now, and vote often but vote – write that glowing Amazon review and I’ll spiff you with goodwill or a free book, whichever is worth more to you. 



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