John Bédard is pissed off – Sean Spicer just called him low level

My father, John Bédard, retired from US Customs in 1990 after a twenty year career and a nine-year stint working for Canadian Immigration. He made Time Magazine. This is John’s advice to a new US Customs officer on how to survive the San Ysidro / Tijuana border port of entry.

No one ever accused my father of suffering fools. One of the victims (yes victims) of Trump’s actions is the actual personnel on the ground who have to implement the law. Law enforcement personnel want to come home after their shift. This short story, comes from a book written by John, Border Guards . This is the second in a series of stories I’ve published inspired by Border Guards. 

San Ysidro, California

The job

Some people are born to climb mountains – others to make the climbing tools. Me?

I am a US Customs Senior Inspector in the employ of the US Department of the Treasury – a GS-11. I assure you that, after a Supervisor reads this, I will retire a GS-11 (or even a GS-9).

I’ve disarmed more bad asses than I care to remember. I’ve been punched, chased with knives and scissors, had rocks and God knows what other projectiles thrown at me.

I’ve stuck my fingers on needles a half dozen times in the last ten years, patting . . . Click here for the full article

ch 1. my last email from steve jobs

Steve was pissed, and not in an English drunk pissing in a Birmingham street after a rave sort of way. He was thwarted and angry, and angry for having been thwarted. Click here for the full article

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