My Favorite Lawyer makes the Washington Post!

Some Uber drivers say company’s promise of big pay day doesn’t match reality – The Washington Post.

Clearly, I know talent when I see it. Ms. Liss-Riordan continues to kick Uber ass, this time getting major quotage in the Washington Post. The Uber suit has legs as you can read in the article.

My feelings on Uber are mixed. I have only used UberX.

The price cannot be matched, nor can . . . Continue reading

Judge to Uber: don’t mess with the Liss-Riordan

Yeah. Uber and its puke minion management think they are tough, but they aren’t that tough nor that brilliant when it comes to messing with employees who they conveniently characterize as independent contractors instead of employees. That’s the gist of the class action lawsuit a judge is letting some of the drivers join. They can roll Silicon Valley cabbies, but they are not going to mess with Shannon Liss-Riordan, who remains my favorite . . . Continue reading

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