Jean du Sud – the life and times of Jean Bédard

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Shortly after Easter 1964, the Bédards, Jean, Thérèse, Pierre, and Marc, set off for California.

Why did my parents throw caution to the wind and leave their extensive network, friends, and family in Quebec. My parents decided to uproot our family from Montréal-Est to Orange, California. Why did we move? What kind of car did we drive cross country?

Jean du Sud is my Dad’s story as told by his brother, Michel, which I translated and adapted. You can find the original french text here of Michel’s manuscript. This was my fifth work on Amazon and my third in the Canadian Characters series, following Thetford Park and Amabilis de Sainte Croix. It’s an easy read that sheds light on different events in his life, as seen from his brother’s eyes.


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